The poetry of travel

Imagine an escape: from the daily grind, through the nowhere-space of air travel, to finally,  your destination. Where colour returns, and the newness of everything is bright and hyper-real.

These are the types of experiences we covet when we travel. And, for this luxury hotel, the haiku-like moments that become our memories inspired a new set of in-room packaging concepts. From soap to a toothbrush, we pulled from the hotel's global destinations and created two-sentence poems, to engage the imagination and inspire another journey.

Services: Concept development, packaging design

In collaboration with HUGE Inc


Studio Otherness identified in-room packaging at a hotel is an underlooked, but unique service opportunity. 

Guests have already bought into the hotel's brand offering and experience, meaning that every touchpoint in the room could inspire and romanticize the escape that a high-end room provides.



In support of the hotel's clientelle, the poetry was translated into Chinese and Arabic.


Focusing on the Instagrammable moment, our packaging is inspired by the contemplative nature of travel journals.

Condensed downwards to a haiku, these poems are glimpses at other worlds.

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