With foundations in data science and psychology, Dutch strategy consultancy Phenomenons is well-equipped to help navigate the tensions between the known present and the ambiguous future.

The push-pull friction of unknown futures is a common theme for the firm's clients.

Black holes and the pull of gravity inspired the brand language, rooted in the idea of a phenomenon being a rare but important shift.

A challenging mix of acidic and soft colours create supernova elements that play with foregrounds, backgrounds, and forward motion.

The technical precision of the company—based on their data science background—was brought forward in icons representing different types and ways of working and in the angular, rules-breaking sans serif.


Services: Brand positioning, brand identity, creative direction


During research and positioning, we worked closely with Phenomenon's ambitious founder. Our research revealled key themes in the positioning of common competitors, and a need for ambitious, no-nonsense founders to be inspired by the brand.


The agency's commitment to data-and-psychology driven insights, combined with a willingness to co-invest and absorb risk alongside clients, lent itself to a technical and precise brand expression.

Custom, math-symbol inspired icons linked the scientific aesthetic to service concepts and attitudes.


One of the biggest challenges for new initiatives, innovative groups within large corporations, and young founders, is grappling the paradox of wanting to see the future (limiting risk) with true desire to change things with innovative propositions (risk.)

Otherness developed a brand expression that embraces the nebulous horizon-line of the future, turning it into a powerful symbol of major change.

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