Artem Straps

Artem Straps is an Australia-based company with a vision of redefining watch straps for the passionate collector. Artem’s brand experience honours the intense perfectionism of the founding team and their ambition to be seen as the Aston Martin of watch straps.

The brand takes a refined and technical approach, with a bright royal blue and soft greys. The logo and monogram take cues from the buckle design, with automotive curves and considered contrasts.

“Ars est celare artem” (Art conceals the means by which it is made) inspired the packaging design, creating an experience focused around shadows, geometry,  and layers of revealing.

Services: Brand positioning, brand identity, art direction, packaging


To capture the luxury position of the brand, Studio Otherness built a brand language inspired by the world of high-end automobiles. 

Details such as boxy letterforms with rounded edges, fashion-inspired thicks-and-thins, and chamfered edges on Ts and Es all add to this meticulous and unique wordmark.


A bright, glowing royal blue nods to the world of engineering and technology, while a soft grey adds sophistication and restraint.


While most watch-strap brands simply toss their straps into a bag, Artem's premium experience both protected the product and created a covetable piece of packaging.


The theatre of the Artem packaging focuses on sharp shadows and moments of revealing, inspired by the brand's motto: Art conceals the means by which it is made.


The unique packaging garnered rave reviews from watch influencers across Youtube and social media, assuring Artem was a consistent stand-out in terms of brand presence, quality of craft, and material innovation.

Since launch, the brand has been spotted in Vogue, Hiconsumption, and watch-focused publications.

Artem has sparked a cottage industry of me-too watch accessories, chasing after a piece of Artem's mystique.

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